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A Special Holiday Daytime Educational Support Group

Tuesday, Dec. 11, 12:30 pm (12:00 Lunch)


A Time For Dessert and Fellowship “Holiday Memories: Sharing the Past/Creating the Present”


12:00 NOON—Consider arriving early to join Lorraine and Jim during the lunch hour, bring your own lunch, to allow more time to share your stories with each other. Plan ahead. Remind yourself that there is no right or wrong way to spend the holiday. You can have a family discussion on how to deal with the holiday. You may want to do something completely different, but keep in mind that you can’t run away from grief. Bring a picture of your spouse to show others, if you’d like.

Facilitated by Lorraine Thenikl and Jim Readwin.

Location: WPS office, 4211 Clyde Park SW, Wyoming. Directions: West of 131, North of 44th Street; park in the parking lot with the State Farm sign at the top and walk up the sidewalk between the two buildings to the second door on the left.

RSVP to the WPS office, 538-0101 or

Weather related support group event cancellations and office closures will be posted on WOOD TV 8.