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Everyone handles the death of their spouse differently.

The death of a spouse or life partner has been identified as one of the greatest stresses a person can experience. Coping with the emotional upheaval and social readjustment that this crisis brings can be overwhelming and incapacitating.

Our purpose is to help people in the greater Grand Rapids area grow through the grief process and survive the death of a spouse. We know many widows may not be ready right after losing their partner in life, however, our participants can tell you that help from peers, those who have been where you are now, can help you through this. We help you through support groups, literature, outreach volunteers, and social events.  

We understand the devastation of grief and the tremendous silence the loss of the person you shared your life with can leave behind. Many of our volunteers, board members, and staff are themselves widowed; we are empathetic to those we talk to every single day.

Services We Provide

Support Groups

Support groups address topics of interest for those who are in an active stage of grief and are struggling to navigate.

Social Events

Monthly social events include dinners, card game nights, and other opportunities to find community while grieving.


We offer a monthly newsletter, a library of books, and links to relevant articles and websites to help with the process of grief.

Our Mission

Widowed Persons Service is organized exclusively for the purpose of offering supportive services to those individuals in the greater Grand Rapids area who have suffered the loss of a spouse through death.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide actively grieving widowed men and women a safe and healthy environment in which to process their grief, resulting in an enriching life as a single person.

Our Process

Widowed Persons Service offers each grieving individual peer-to-peer support based on the belief that a widowed person is best helped along his/her grief journey with the help of other widowed people who have had similar experiences.